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HELIAX FiberFeed

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HELIAX® FiberFeed®


Heliax FiberFeed Fast, Flexible, Available in Southern California through KGPCo


Highly reliable and customizable, HELIAX® FiberFeed® has everything you need to meet your fiber to the antenna (FTTA) objectives for towers, rooftops and other support structures. HELIAX FiberFeed solutions from CommScope provide superior fiber and power connectivity in one unified solution. It maximizes network uptime, lowers total cost of ownership and simplifies newer technology upgrades.


HELIAX FiberFeed Challenges in Southern California

  • The availability of CommScope's HELIAX FiberFeed SoCal is limited and not convenient to obtain for many contractors
  • Current logistics and traffic conditions limit access to materials for jobs beyond current staging points
  • Verizon Authorized Contractors are looking for alternative sources that are more responsive, carry more inventory, and are more convenient


ION®-E is the easy solution designed with everyone in mind

ION-E: Simplicity, flexibility, and performance that exceeds expectations for the design, deployment and operations of in-building wireless systems


Wireless operators face pressure to increase network capacity while maintaining reliability and quality—all while working under limited budgets. The inherent complexities involved in deploying in-building wireless compounds these challenges. ION-E is a revolutionary solution that simplifies these complexities while addressing the current and future needs of wireless operators, building owners, and tenants alike.


ION-E flattens the infrastructure onto a single physical layer while simplifying the design, deployment, and operations of the wireless system. This unified wireless infrastructure represents a significant leap forward, helping operators maximize the use of existing and future IT cabling infrastructure.


ION-E transports capacity to wherever it’s needed in real time, using a software-defined switch and distribution method. The system’s simplicity reduces the total cost of ownership and makes the system commercially viable in small, medium and large facilities.



KGPCo Solution for Verizon & Contractor

  • KGPCo stocks HELIAX FiberFeed products in an Ontario, CA site that is close to Contractor activities
  • KGPCo stocks high runners from each of the 4 Heliax Fiber Feed product categories including: Trunks, Tails, OVP Boxes & Accessories
  • Available for immediate Contractor pick up or same day shipping
  • Access to other critical components: Jumpers, Connectors etc.

Contact KGPCo

  • To place an order call Inside Sales at: (800) 755-1950





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