Save 50% of your installation time on retrofits when you use the Telect optical cable-management system, WaveTrax™. It’s a robust overhead raceway system that can be assembled and installed quickly. You don’t need many tools and it quickly connects to other systems with patented adapter fittings.

The WaveTrax Express™ Off-Ramp offers a modular exit that snaps onto the side of an existing four-, six or 12-inch trough. It ratchets into place, eliminating the need for nuts and bolts.

WaveTrax is an end-to-end solution designed to deliver reliable fiber optic network performance.


CableLinks make the right connection

WaveTrax is a trough-based system that provides superior protection for fiber optic cable. Snap-open lids on the top of the trough protect fiber yet enable easy access to the cables. 

The end-to-end solution is built to handle high volumes of cable, up to 64 pounds per foot. It is durable enough to withstand the rugged environments in today's central offices, data centers, colocations and telco hotels.  

CableLinks™, our articulating link cable-management system, moves your fiber optic cable around obstacles, guides it into tight spots or directs runs to equipment. The links pivot and rotate both horizontally and vertically to provide optimal flexibility.  

Individual links articulate to 25 degrees off center both horizontally and vertically to create a cable channel that easily negotiates the most crowded work environments. With CableLinks, you need only four links to make a 90-degree turn in any direction.






Telect challenges the status quo and looks beyond what is possible in fiber optic network connectivity. Since 1982, we’ve designed and manufactured products that link networks together and protect our customers’ fiber investments.

We listen closely to our customers to turn complex requests into solutions that protect their connections and equipment. Our products and solutions are found across communications service provider networks, data centers and utility networks around the globe.




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