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KGP Logistics products and sevices for the contractor market

No one understands the saying, ‘When the rubber hits the road’ better than contractors deploying a communications network. KGP Logistics strives to partner with you to provide products you need on time, every time.

National Logistics Footprint: KGP Logistics has a national logistics network of distribution centers positioned throughout the United States. Our leading-edge technology throughout our distribution centers ensures greater than 95% accuracy on service levels.

Customer Service: KGP Logistics customer service is based on a Customer First philosophy. With a seasoned support team, technologies, and online tools KGP Logistics has the scale and flexibility to customize solutions to fit any business model.

KGP Logistics products and sevices for the contractor market

Comprehensive Services Portfolio: A full range of services from complete supply chain, distribution and logistics services, in conjunction with, the engineer, furnish and install services provided by BlueStream Professional Services are unmatched in the communications industry.


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